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Chelsea: James, Mendy got one. The reason I believe why inter and Ac Milan are scanned is because of Lautaro and Tonali tattoos so what they did they updated their tattoos and the face update will come later

I don't even want to go on with adding to that list. “He wasn’t joking..Less sitting around and more time playing can only be a good thing, however, there is a catch


Most of the partnered clubs are all fully up to date like PSG , Madrid , city , liverpool , spurs. for the first 48-nation Cup, including all from the quarterfinals on, and 10 each in Mexico and Canada. I know from Twitter guys, ea has scanned some teams, but I don't know which teams. Regardless if they are Customs or FO4 faces or not, at least they now have Star Heads and haven't been left Generic! Now EA can concentrate of scanning them in the future

., Neuza Back of Brazil and Karen Díaz Medina of Mexico. These guys need a scanning session the most. (Courtois is 89-rated, so very useful on that front. What do you think?

I know that feeling Howler.

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EA Sports FC will hit the shelves in late 2023. They also failed to bring home the Champions League in Paris after a Vinicius Jr goal brought the illustrious trophy back to Madrid.

“The story is always who doesn’t get chosen,” U.. To you, we say that we are well aware that there's on-going problems with FIFA, including bugs etc, and that graphics can't be the main focus on the development team, but there is enough threads for these situations and we ask you to please make separate threads for your non-face related issues

. One thing is for sure, this fight for licenses between FIFA and PES destroyed the beauty of the game.Keep in mind there's 0 pics of those players and although the guy is reliable he's mostly a fut player not all too well acquainted with starheads so he could have misjudged certain faces. It wasn’t good enough. Like A. Dadurch k?nnen alle Clubs der h?chsten italienische Liga mit Logos, Namen und Trikots in FIFA 23 genutzt werden – aber eben nur jene, die keine Exklusivvertr?ge mit anderen Publishern haben

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